Who We are?

Our education

  • Graduate and phD in Psychology (F. U. Brussels and C.U. Louvain)
  • Master in Science of Management, Boston University Brussels
  • Behaviour therapy
  • Numerous specialised technical courses

Our experience

In companies:

More than 15 years as HR professional and manager (e.g. as HR Director) and trainer in:

  • Generale Bank (now BNP Paribas Fortis, Banking and insurances)
  • Alcatel (Telecom)
  • Monsanto (Chemical and Agricultural products)
  • Toyota (European Headquarter)
  • Roche (Food, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural products)

Internal company experience in various industries and positions, so a practical and realistic approach.

Almost 15 years of experience as external consultant, trainer and coach for:

  • KBC, Rabobank, GWK Travelex and Fortis, Belgium and the Netherlands (Banking and Insurance)
  • Cegeka, Cybertech, Telepolis, Digit4, Elia, Coware, IMEC, Numico Research, Jacobs, Grondmij and KEMA (IT, Engineering and Research)
  • European Commission, Flemish Government, Belgian Army, RijksVoorlichtingsDienst (RVD), the Administration of the Commune Vlissingen, Nijefurd, Amstelveen, Oss, Almere and de city of Antwerp (Government)
  • KLM, Port of Antwerp, University of Tilburg and Utrecht, Sibelga and KPN (Governmental organisations becoming more autonomous)
  • Donaldson, Akzo (Belgium and the Netherlands), Dycore, Umicore, Recticel, Vanerum, JSR Micro, Sekisui and EMGO (Production)
  • Nederlandse Vereniging Personeelsbeleid, Movisie, Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Diergeneeskunde, ECORYS, DHL Global Forwarding, Domesta, Vektis, TNO Certification, Schouten & Nelissen, in Belgium and the Netherlands (Services) 
  • Bakker Hillegom, Toyota, Vlaamse Media Maatschappij, Studio Amusement, De Persgroep, Jumbo Supermarkten, Sigmakalon and C&A (Consumer goods)

Often company specific projects, so flexibility and tailor-made solutions.

We offer our services in English, Dutch and French.

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